From the daily ritual of mealtime to special occasions, kitchens are where friends and family tend to gather. We linger there, enjoying the warmth and activity of home cooking or shared drinks. For many, the kitchen island has become their new dining room table. Making the kitchen a space worth gathering in can bring warmth to those daily rituals, as well as add value to your home.

In many classic home designs, a closed doorway would keep the bustle of the kitchen separated from the entertaining spaces. However, in new home construction, kitchens that are open and connected to the living area are one of the highest sought after design features. Our kitchens have not only become the heart of our homes, but can set the style tone for the whole house.

Full View Backsplash 19th Century Tile; Seattle, WA

A kitchen update can be the inspiration a homeowner needs to reconnect with their home and personalize their space. Whether you want something light and airy, or even more dramatic, there are modern elements available to make your kitchen fresh and new, even for those on a budget. In my designs, I like to included quality GE appliances that are comparable in style to expensive industrial ones, for a fraction of the cost. For counter tops, I’ve been drawn to using Ceasar Stone. It’s a quartz composite which has the same visual effect as granite, but for half the price.

The color scheme and textures of the kitchen can often be complemented in the next room. If there’s stainless appliances and dark woods in the kitchen, one can warm up those tones in the living space with a warm grey, without giving up the sleek style. These updates can be affordable. A simple change in paint color or refinishing existing furniture or cabinetry is easy on any budget, and can tie the spaces together. By using what you have with a fresh outlook on it, you don’t need to spend a fortune for a new look. Even getting your existing carpets cleaned and a new wall color can give the impression of a whole new space.

For many, a kitchen redesign may seem like an overwhelming investment, but with the help of a professional, there is a plan for every budget. You don’t have to be wealthy to have an interior designer help you. With the knowledge of design resources and brands that a designer like myself has, clients save time and money comparative shopping, and they can relax and find joy in the process. A kitchen update not only adds value to your home, it brings the daily reward of feeling a more personal touch in the space they most often use.