Inspiration is Everywhere!

Opening our hearts and souls and minds to the universe and just taking it in….that’s where inspiration comes in and we feel it. It’s so wonderful! And the best part of it all is that there’s no right or wrong answer to inspiration. Why? Because inspiration is so incredibly personal and individual. It’s emotional yet complex this business of inspiration.


For me, I LOVE the Blue Nile Rose. Its petals tipped in a cool, rich lavender yet softest shade of blue color and sweet, yet not overwhelming soft fragrance inspire me in a deep way.


Inspiration comes from something that you LOVE. It’s what you feel when you see something that causes your heart to leap, whether it’s something that is said, a place you’ve been or even a scent or color.


Take yourself to a place of good memories. Imagine a place you’ve been, or a moment in time that a memory was created. What was it about that memory that makes you smile? Was it the scent of a marketplace in Europe with the freshly-baked bread and farm-rich vegetables. Or was it a time with family during the holidays, with everyone gathered in the same room laughing and joking and feeling comfortable? It could be anything and anywhere. It could be the first time you cooked your first Thanksgiving meal in your own kitchen, or the smell of the gardenias wafting through your home from an open window.


As a designer, my experience with inspiration has taken me to some incredible places with my clients. Like creating a design around a bouquet of flowers. My client was struck by this photo of hands holding this delicate bouquet of flowers. I not only created a color palette from the beauty of the flowers, but what also struck me was the way the flowers were held by a pair of hands. There was a level of comfort that I felt and worked into the overall feel of the design.


Another experience I remember is seeing this amazing photo shown to me by a client. The photo was of a woman in a classic, and very simple, navy blue evening gown. The image, and its simplicity really struck me as did the incredible feeling of love my client had for the photo. I understood her inspiration and passion for quiet sophistication, and that became my inspired theme for the design of her home.


When I first meet my clients I truly uncover their own inspirations by just getting to know them. Through that journey of discovery, you get a sense of your own triggers of emotion as you describe your favorite things, colors and places within your own home that bring you joy and happiness.


We all are inspired! I love those aha moments when an inspiration comes to me for design based on the passion felt by my clients.


Come with me on this journey of inspiration!