Summers in the Northwest are so full of warmth and vibrancy, it’s the perfect time to capture some of that energy for our homes! A shift from the common neutrals into something a bit more colorful is in order. The most common color schemes I see when I do a consultation are fifty shades of gray and five shades of latte. There’s room to be more playful and personal than that.

The colors we use in our homes can have a direct effect on our emotions. Using color intentionally is a great way to liven up a space, while bolstering the particular mood we want to set.

Our favorite spaces in our homes are generally our kitchens and great rooms. They’re the perfect places to use warm, mood elevating colors like yellows and oranges. I love using yellows in a kitchen because often it’s the first room you spend time in in the mornings. If you want to feel more bliss in your day, yellow really raises the vibration in a space.

Purple is a rather understated color, but a perfect blend of the energy that red elicits, tempered by the stabilizing effects of blue. Purple is often associated with regality, but can also elicit magic and mystery. Because of this, I think purple makes a great bedroom color. A cool lavender shade could bring a touch of softness to your room, whereas a deep eggplant would set off a sense of extravagance.

Reminiscent of nature, greens tend to have a more calming effect on the mind. They’re especially suited for spaces you use for reflection, particularly if your home has a library or study. This color can easily be brought in through indoor plant accents if you need a more diffused sense of calm. They add just the right touch of green you need to feel grounded throughout your space.

Shades of blue evoke the soothing elements of water, and help stabilize emotions. Bathrooms are great candidates for the color, especially when paired with clean white porcelain and linens. Together, blues and whites in a bathroom evoke cleanliness, while brightening these often small quarters.

If bringing intentional color into your home seems a bit daunting, there is a neutral that I am fond of. There’s so many shades of white, and they go with everything. You can go for warmth with a creamier shade, or make your space more crisp and airy with one with blue tones. How you choose to bring white into a space can achieve a similar brightening effect to color.

If choosing from the myriad of swatches available seems like something you’d rather leave to a professional, contact me for color consultation. You can discover the ways your home can be enlivened with a fresh bouquet of color!