Creating that perfect look and feel for your home for the holidays is easy and reasonable when you know some of the tricks of accessorizing like a professional.

There is a special and sophisticated feeling walking into a home beautifully lit with warm candlelight and serene green colors from festive greenery and splashes of color.

It’s easy to get this fabulous look without spending all of your money. Grab some white and gold pillar candles and put them everywhere. There is no reason to commit to the color red especially when white and gold appeals to all as it creates that beautiful sophistication in your home.

You can surround those pillars with gorgeous fruit and great greenery right from your yard. Put candles all across your dining room table, on the fireplace and even in the bathrooms carrying that warmth and serenity throughout your house.

Sprinkle some Epsom salt into your candle holder and watch the light from the candle dance off the salts turning it into a sparkling snow. And, you can add more of that beautiful, snow look, by taking some spray snow and a stencil and creating a snowy landscape on your candle holder.

Ready to create a festive look for your framed pictures? You can do that easily without having to buy new frames! Grab some museum putty from a local craft store or online along with some foil wrapping paper. Using the museum putty in the four corners of the picture frame, you can place a fitted piece of wrapping paper that has been cut to size for the frame. When the season is over, you simply have to remove the paper, returning your frame to its original state.

Take the elegance and beauty of your dining room table up another notch by placing a sprig of holly in your napkin ring with a linen napkin. Buying linen napkins in bulk can help save a little money.