Bellingham welcomes Jonathan O’Brien, an Interior Designer with excitement and passion.

What could be more personal than your own living space? Your living space is a reflection of who you are and how you live your life.

This space was designed to be both beautiful and inviting. Photo courtesy: Jonathan O’Brien.

Nobody understands this better than Jonathan O’Brien Interior Design, Bellingham’s newest Interior Designer. O’Brien creates interiors that are the realization of a client’s taste, wants and needs. “No two projects look alike,” states O’Brien. “Each is specifically designed to reflect the client and his or her lifestyle.”

With a Fine Arts degree from New York University and a certification from the New York School of Interior Design, O’Brien explains, “I found that my Fine Arts background and my training in design mesh together perfectly to create the look and feel my clients want for their homes. I am able to pull together eclectic elements to create beauty. This, in turn, enables me to truly reflect each client’s taste and style.”

Jonathan O’Brien is already gaining media coverage and making a splash in Bellingham. Photo courtesy: Jonathan O’Brien.

After graduating from NYU, O’Brien found a design opportunity with Lillian August Designand gained hands on experience, working on larger projects and fine tuning his eye. This enabled him to create beautiful rooms that are a statement of who lives in that space.

From Greenwich came a move to Beverly Hills where O’Brien joined Bloomingdales. It was here that he really began to make his mark as a creative designer, happy with the intimacy of designing a single room or taking on an entire house. “Any project, small or large, appeals to me. Each is an opportunity to utilize my creative abilities,” he says.

During his time in Beverly Hills he became accustomed to working with and catering to a discerning clientele. “We are all just people,” he says with a smile. “Famous or infamous, we want a beautiful space to call our own. In designing your home, we go on a wonderful journey together. The end result is all about you. It’s about your favorite colors, your taste, and it ends in an environment you and your family will thrive in.”

Jonathan O’Brien uses items that are important to his clients to create a space they will love. Photo courtesy: Jonathan O’Brien.

O’Brien has the passion and skill to transform his clients’ information into a space that is the ultimate expression of who they are.

He describes an experience with a client in which she showed him a beautiful and beloved photo of a women in a sexy 1920s blue evening gown with a long train, but very little detail. O’Brien describes how much the client loved that simple yet beautiful photo. He took the photo and was immediately inspired by the quiet sophistication he saw in it. That quiet sophistication became the central theme in the interior design of the home.

Upon arriving in Seattle, O’Brien partnered with premiere designer David Weatherford. It was here that he had the opportunity to bring his knowledge and background full circle. “I worked on projects ranging from cutting edge contemporary to a mellow and comfortable feeling of the antique,” he describes.

Jonathan O’Brien evokes positive feelings with his use of color and space. Photo courtesy: Jonathan O’Brien.

This combination of talent won the team a medal at the Seattle Interiors Show, as well as a nine-page spread in Traditional Home magazine.

“I love working with people who are not afraid to express themselves in their environment. My favorite quote at the finish of each project is, ‘I love it!’” O’Brien says.

O’Brien describes another creative experience in which he designed an entire color palate around a photo of a bouquet of flowers that was loved by the client. “I could tell by the way the bouquet was being held by a pair of hands in the photo, the level of formality I would need to instill in my design,” he says.

A living space should represent the people who call it home. Photo courtesy: Jonathan O’Brien.

When asked about how he develops relationships with clients, O’Brien explains that these relationships between designer and client and often end up in a lasting friendship. “I really get to know each family, as people with different personalities, as well as fulfilling their design needs.” Because of this process, O’Brien has remained friends with many of his former clients.

He says, “A beautiful understanding of each other develops and often that ends up as friendship as well as a beautiful home.”

As O’Brien settles into his new home in Bellingham, he looks forward to creating ideal environments for his clients as well as creating new friendships and relationships, and getting to know his new community.

“I’m loving the freshness, clean air and wildlife here in Bellingham,” he says with a content smile. “It is like a slice of paradise I have found and I never want to leave! Life is good and I am a very happy man.”